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What is e-Helvetica?

e-Helvetica is the interface for consulting the digital collections of the Swiss National Library (NL). It permits full-text searches of the content of digital publications.

The NL's digital collections contain commercial publications, periodicals, websites, theses and official publications. Websites and theses are included in cooperation with partner institutions.

The NL's legal mandate is to collect, catalogue, preserve and make accessible information that is printed or stored on media other than paper and relates to Switzerland, the collective term for which is "Helvetica".

This mandate covers not only offline electronic Helvetica (on media such as CD-ROM, floppy disk or DVD), but also online Helvetica, i.e. material published on the Internet. In order to ensure that all the Helvetica stored can be read and interpreted in the future, our efforts to archive electronic publications must take account of the preservation of the information itself on the one hand and the media and system environment used on the other. In this context, the NL currently faces a number of major challenges with regard to the preservation of electronic information published on the Internet.


e-Helvetica is the NL's service aimed at working out how to safeguard Switzerland's digital cultural heritage over the long term and ensure that it remains accessible to future generations. The goals of e-Helvetica are to create the frameworks for collecting, recording, making available and sustainably preserving electronic Helvetica and to establish digital archives for electronic publications. As well as constructing a technical platform for long-term archiving, cooperation with various partner institutions is essential to the development of the collections.

Searching e-Helvetica

e-Helvetica offers a quick full-text search option and an advanced full-text search option with filters. Detailed help is available within the context of each type of search.


Quick full-text search, direct access

Advanced full-text search

Consulting e-Helvetica

e-Helvetica provides access to the content of digital publications, allowing you to consult them online.

For copyright reasons, consulting certain publications is subject to conditions (access restricted to the public rooms or login required). Clear information regarding the accessibility of each publication is shown in the search results.

The consultation interface is available in English, French, German and Italian.

Use regulations

Regulations on the Use of the Swiss National Library

Regulations on the Use of the Swiss National Library

Entitled persons

In pursuit of the public interest and as part of its statutory mandate (cf. para. 2 Art. 2 SLBG), the Swiss National Library would like make the contents of the e-Helvetica accessible to the public. Our aim is to take into account the relevant legal framework conditions, in particular copyright. In order to take into consideration the legal status of each publication, access to the contents will be regulated through the different access categories, which are implemented using a traffic-light system.
If, for technical reasons, a publication is unexpectedly found in the wrong access category, we kindly ask the entitled persons to notify us by the contact form.

Please provide the following information so that we can respond immediately:

  • your contact details
  • proof of your ownership
  • bibliographic references of the material in question
  • the exact URL, where you found the material

The National Library disclaims any liability for unlawful use of the NL website. Users of the NL website shall indemnify the National Library in particular from any and all claims of third parties resulting from a violation of a copyright or other intellectual property rights. Unlawful use of the NL website may result in civil or criminal sanctions.


We welcome all of your questions and comments. A contact form can be found under Contact.