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Help: unit record

The unit record contains the bibliographical information needed to identify an individual digital unit.

Bibliographical information
This may vary depending on the type of publication, but it is always intended to describe the publication such that it can be identified and distinguished from other publications.

The following information is usually provided:

URN: a unique identifier that allows a unit to be accessed directly via a quick search.
URI: generally the URL of the current publication rather than the archived publication.
Title: the title of the publication.
Publisher: the commercial publisher.
Dewey code: the code under the Dewey Decimal Classification system.
Notes: miscellaneous information concerning the publication itself.
Link to top-level record: if the unit forms part of a publication comprising a number of parts or volumes, there is also a link to the top-level record.

Unit availability
The availability of an archived unit is displayed.
If the green "available" indicator is displayed, you can access the publication's archived content.
If the orange "unavailable" indicator is displayed, you can access the publication's archived content subject to certain conditions. Click on the indicator to read these conditions.
If the red "unavailable" indicator is displayed, you cannot access the publication's archived content. Click on the indicator for more information. Some digital publications are entrusted to the NL for long-term preservation but cannot be consulted for copyright reasons.

A unit may consist of one or more data files.

Each file can be consulted by clicking on the file name. If you want to consult all of the content in a single file, you can merge all of the files into one (PDF format), provided they all have the same format.

Consulting data files
You are offered access to the digital file, only if you agree to the conditions of use for the NL's digital collections (a dialogue box is available under the vertical navigation on the left). In the case of PDF files, a download dialogue box appears.

When the download is complete, you can consult the file and thus the digital publication.