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Help: quick full-text search, direct access

Quick full-text search 

A full-text search can be started with one or more search terms. The terms may be written in upper or lower case - the search engine is not case-sensitive.

The following search operators may be used: +, -, " " 

Searching with the operator +
Place the operator + before a search term to search exclusively for documents that contain the term. The search engine is configured such that this operator works if it is used with more than two search terms.

Searching with the operator -
The operator - can normally be placed before a search term to search exclusively for documents that do not contain the term. However, e-Helvetica does not support this operator, so it will not return any results.

Searching with the operator " "
You can search for an entire phrase by enclosing the phrase in quote marks: " ". Only documents where the text contains this exact phrase will appear in the search results.

Quick full-text search with all of the operators

The following operators are available: ?,  *, ~ ,  [   ], (  ), ^, \.

To activate full-text searching with these operators, check the "Use search operators" box.

The operator ~ (tilde) allows you to specify the maximum number of words between the terms in the search phrase.

Direct access

Direct access allows you to access a publication quickly using its URN.

The URN is an alphanumeric code, e.g.: