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Help: advanced full-text search


The advanced full-text search functionality allows you to carry out complex searches of publication content.

It comprises five categories that correspond to the types of publication archived:
- All: a full-text search of all documents.
- Books: commercial publications only.
- Serials: periodicals, journals and serial publications only.
- Websites: websites only.
- Dissertations: theses only.

Search terms entered in the same field are combined with the operator AND by default.
Unless you specify otherwise, the individual fields are combined with the operator AND.

Combining a full-text search with these fields allows you to restrict your search.

Consult the context-based help for more information on searching.

Further advanced full-text search help

Advanced full-text search in all publikation types

Advanced full-text search in books

Advanced full-text search in serials

Advanced full-text search in Websites

Advanced full-text search in dissertations.